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About the photographer


My name is Yves Goergen and I am a 42-year old hobby photographer and spend the rest of my time with software development.

I have no real key subjects in photography. As of now it has mostly been nature subjects, among them many landscapes and some detail shots that happend to walk in front of my lens. In general I like to shoot anything that doesn’t look back at me. Given an appropriate scene, I take my chance on multi-part panoramas and subtle HDR exposure bracketing. Whenever possible I switch off the camera flash or don’t put it on at all.

I started photographing around 2000 (occasional analogue childhood pictures aside) when my father bought our first digital camera, a Sony DSC-S70. Since then, I explore everything I see, with multiple cameras. I’m playing in the DSLR league since end of 2007.

Electronic post processing of my images is usually limited to global corrections like compact cameras do them without further questions. Only that of course I act more differentiated than an image processor chip, and I try to convey the felt light mood of the scene in my pictures. Sometimes it gets me, too, and I turn the controls until an all-new image impression comes up. Less often I also do targeted edits of certain areas.

My toys are a digital mirrorless system camera Sony a6300 with a few lenses for the usual focal lengths and all kinds of gadgets that prove useful from time to time. For compact always-with-me carrying I have a Canon PowerShot G7 X and a Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10e. Meanwhile I sold the DSLR Canon EOS 650D with lenses from 10 to 300 mm. I collect and edit the captured RAW files in Adobe Lightroom.

You can read a bit more about me on my other website. Some photography terms are explained on the techniques page (German only). I post my latest releases to my Instagram profile. A few images can also be seen on 500px. In the past, I also published photos on other platforms like Google+, flickr, Panoramio or fotocommunity, but I’m no longer active there.

About this website

This is the second website on which I exhibit my photographic work. In April 2013, it superseded the previous site that was in operation since the beginning of 2008 and seemed a little too technical. Moreover at some time my automatic upload program didn’t understand Lightroom’s metadata anymore and so I hardly ever uploaded something new again. For the second version, I reduced the number of images from 650 to 170 and re-edited all of them to make them look even better. (I guess that’s what they call “remastered” in film.)

All published images are assigned to one or more albums and available in their respective list view. They are sorted by publish date, then by capture date, newest first. Images published within the last two months are marked as “new”, earlier publish dates are not separated. The rating with one to three stars is my personal evaluation. You can hide all one-star images from the lists with the switch on the start page.

Browsing from one image to the next one is always based on the most recently displayed list view. Its selection is stored in a session cookie in your browser. If no such selection is stored, all images of the same primary album are selected and browsed instead. If you share the address to a single image, the recipient may see another selection around the shared image.

This site makes use of several current technologies, so as usual a current web browser is highly recommended for a good presentation of the site. But nowadays that is valid for most modern websites. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are a good choice; with Microsoft Internet Explorer you should have version 10 to see the full experience. Older versions are only partially tested and should at least display the basic content.

Update August 2018: Unfortunately, as of lately Google Maps doesn’t work anymore. I don’t know any solutions to this as the availability of free web maps seems to decline. I guess I’ll have to build my own solution for a future website. Until then the map view just looks somehow strange or fails completely, that’s beyond my control. But I’m not going to use or recommend Google Maps anymore after having experienced this, that’s for sure.

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